Saturday, March 10, 2012

Laptop, failure puffy cats and sugar overload

My laptop is officially with the Geek Squad and being shipped out to have its mother board checked and repaired. So I will be blogging from my phone today since the back up laptop is slow and the work laptop is nicely sitting at work.

Last night we got in our family run of 3.1 miles and I kept the pace under control thought day was....rough. As Heather put it I had my scary face on before the run but was laughing by the end of the run. It was VERY hard to not let my emotions take over the run but I had manda help hold me back when my legs took off.

We all then headed out to Mommas and Duds to have lasagna. My kitties stormy and Lilly came inside for a visit too.

For dessert we had a sugar over load of brownies with cookie dough baked together topped by the ice cream. There is mine, mandas and Mommas bowls!!

Mine!! Isn't it perfect?!!

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Jamie said...

what is that purple icecream?
looks delicious!