Sunday, March 25, 2012

Maple syrup Sunday

Today was Maple Syrup Sunday all over the area. I was home in NY (thankfully my stomach bug passed and I could go home). I joined my sister and the kids to check out a local maple syrup farm. They also have around 10 Alpacas. By the way, they may look cool from far away but they have major under bites and their teeth stick out big time. Such a turn off! Anywho...
We visited Trout Brook Sugarhouse and they we're very informative.
This is where they steam the sap. They said it takes around 4-50 gallons of sap to get on gallon of syrup....WOW!
I decided to try out the medium amber syrup and these awesome Oatmeal Pancakes! The kids tried these out at the Boy Scout Pancake Breakfast this AM. I on the other hand am scared to try new things so I stole a few bites from my mom's plate while I ate a regular pancake. My nephew and Neice enjoying their pancakes. One went home wearing Hot cocoa and one is guilty of whipping HIS mouth on the white sweatshirt I was wearing!

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