Monday, March 12, 2012

Awesome run where I was naked!

Yes I left my house planning to run 10miles and I did not have my garmin or my arm band for my iphone. So I solved the problem by using imapmyrun app and jsut playing my music without headphones. Here are my splits.

I stopped at the beginning of the 6th mile for a potty break at Planet fitness so I am assuming I had a rough time getting back on pace and I had a few places I had to stop at for traffic. Either that or I was dead for a bit. I took pics of my run as well. 

There is a pic of where we were hit by the flood, the all of a sudden end of the trail where I had to off road it and my chocolate milk to refuel!!

Lesson learned: It is very hard to run a long run then go grocery shopping and NOT buy food that was NOT on the list!

But I am very happy to say that this is the first official long run of my not training "training". :)


Jamie said...

awesome job! although i enjoy the convienance of the grocery stop to stop to go pee, i don't like how i can't get back in the groove.

oh, and i'm so with you. hate grocery shopping period.

Julia said...

wow!!! this is a speedy run friend! great job!!!! i love love love chocolate milk and look forward to it every night :)