Sunday, March 25, 2012

Family weekend

This weekend I head home to celebrate my sister's 32nd bday! while we hung out Sat. We played around with my phone.

My nephew decided to help out with the breadsticks for dinner...he loves to cook!

Once dinner and cupcakes were done I kidnapped my BIL to go to Hunger Games. I was sick Friday so I was unable to drive home and go with my Sis for her Bday. Let's just say.....AMAZING! I have never gone to Potter or Twilight on the first weekend of release so I never experienced the packed theater and the clapping and cheering. It was great and funny. Here I am with a soon to be 40yr old and I am soon to be 30 and we are surrounded by teenagers and a few of their parents. It was AWESOME! No my BIL has not read the books or know anything about the books SHAME ON HIM! He is an admin at a school he should know better. Don't worry I teased him good!

QOTD: Do you read the books prior to seeing the movies? If so do you reread the books per and post the movie? I plan on rereading the book soon but I am very into the third girl with the dragon tattoo right now.

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fancy nancy said...

So cute! I've only been to one Twilight when it opened because my husband was dying to go (I swear it wasn't me!) I haven't reread books after seeing the movie but it seems like it would be neat to compare.