Thursday, March 29, 2012

Run in picture

Test for the day...can you guess what this is?

Yesterday I went on a nice 3mile run after school. I was dumb and did not pack enough close for the weather. When I left for work it was freezing out and predicted to storm. So I grabbed tights and long sleeve. Plus a short sleeve and a jacket. Well by 3:30 it was warm enough for capris. I was HOT with my short sleeve and tights. 

Here are a few pictures from my run around the park.

Still looking for ideas for places to eat in DC.....last day of work for the week!!! Oh yea also only 43 more days of the school year :)


Christy MyDirtRoadAnthem said...

Beautiful pictures from your run! I have no idea what that first one is..

Jen said...

45 more school days for me!!!! Lovely pictures. :)