Friday, March 9, 2012

Fitness Friday and Friends

It is a good morning when you get to the gym by 5:45 and then by 7:15 your arms are too tired to lift above your head!

On Wednesday I started talking to a girl at the gym, actually we both laughed at and made fun of this guy who was sprinting between machines. So after a few looks exchanged and laughs had we started chatting. She needed someone to hold her feet while she did sit ups and I was glad to help. We left it like that, no names no background nothing. I shared this with Bri and I said I felt bad that I was in a hurry to get cleaned up I never introduced myself. So today we waved as I walked in and she came over to me when I was doing free weights later. She asked if I could hold her feet again. OF COURSE! Turns out she has a PT test coming up and needs to be able to do 35 REAL sit ups by the end of March. OK I can't do real ones, I can do crunches maybe. So once we got to the mat after our workouts I learned her name is Sam and works as a TSS (how crazy the person I connect with also works in a school!) . She also works at the school I used to work at. So once again we can share stories! Overall it was a great morning lifting and made a new friend! (We also got a few more laughs in at the CRAZY guy who does push ups in a hand stand position WHO DOES THAT??!!)

Later today it is the family run to relax on after two hard runs this week!!

QOTD: Have you made friends with people at the gym??

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Becky at Prairie Runner said...

One of my best friends is someone I "picked up" at a race. We joke now that I was scouting her out for a Ragnar team!