Friday, December 9, 2011

Tid Bits....WARNING!!


1. I have given a lot of space to the post today so if you really did not want to see what pops up you did not have to see it. If it was still not enough pace I do apologize but I am WAY to excited to not share!

Ok so yes....I GOT A DEER!!(Side note....I have not worked out in 2 weeks to due trying to get a deer!!) Last night after school I busted home and got up in the stand by 3:30. By 4:30 I still had seen NOTHING! I text Bri, who could see me from the diningroom window, that I was bummed. Then I look up from my phone and I hear deer. I get into position but I can only barely see their tails because it is so thick of brush.

I text again that I saw some...look up again and a doe is walking by! I try again, but can't get it into my is getting real dark at this point and afer a certain distance I can't see anything.

I am usually down and inside by now but I was intrigued now that there was deer moving. SO I wait longer!

minutes later and much much darker....a group of 5 doe (including fawns) walk up. They are even closer to me! That means I can see them in my scope!! I look at each one carefully and pick the best one (SHE IS HUGE!!). Downside a fawn is right beside waiting game begins when each minute means more darkness!

Finally.....after coaching the deer to take just 2 steps I SHOOOOOOOT!! I was shaking so bad afterwards I could not text Bri at all!

I only saw one deer run and I made sure I watched the direction and I swear I heard her fall!!

I look around and all the other deer were still standing infront of me!! So Bri had to wait even more time to walk out. I did not shoot until 4:45ish Bri and I starting looking after 5pm with headlamps. It did not take more than 5mins to find her! I will never forget what Bri said "Holy Crap she is huge!!"    YEA TO ME!!!

Here she is all 175 my camo fleece and pink camo headband???

I have one battle wound to my face....I got attacked by a briar looking for her...the thick stuff!

My hunting season is almost over...and I can't stop smiling bc this is my first success and my first shot!


Jen said...

Wow, good job! That will fill your freezer for sure! You are so brave!

Anonymous said...

Great job!! Nice deer, too :) My husband, dad, and bro are all hunters so deer is pretty much the only red meat we eat. Enjoy!