Thursday, December 22, 2011

Almost there...

I have exactly half an hour until all the kids leave the buiding then we have a faculty luncheon. I want to be on the road by 1:30-2pm so I am not driving to NY in the dark at all. Secret Santa ended without a hitch! My last few hints were given to me from followers. I used the height hint where I was over 5feet and under 6feet. Which eliminated only 1 person! Then I said my first job was 15yrs ago and I was a camp counselor! I threw her off completely!! She guessed a guy like I thought. After she took her guess someone stood up and gave her another hint I had prepared. It said that I was closer than she thinks! I was sitting right next to her...:) I didn't even stand up to reveal myself I just busted out laughing and handed her her gift! I LOVED every minuted of this and can not wait for the Secret Sweetheart one on Valentines Day that Kinder team is organizing!

Here are some of my treats I got today form my secret santa who ended up being another reading teacher but I figured it out on Tuesday!

Oh I can not wait to spend tomorrow with my niece and nephew. My mom and I plan on taking them to see some trains and I want to also do some cake or cookie balls with them.

I will be  back after my travels on Xmas day to spend time with "My other family!!" I will be back on here eventually with photos of my adventures!

Happy Holidays everyone;)

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jillconyers said...

Happy holidays. Can't wait to see your photos!