Monday, December 19, 2011

Secret Santa

I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting a chance to sneak around and try with all my heart not give myself away. This year instead of a boring boring boring prank gift thing at the school dinner we decided to do secret santa. I just delivered my first gift and I am waiting to see what my person says! Want to know how I will know??!! Well lucky me I picked one of the ladies that works in Title I with me! She sits at the table right next to me!! So I had to be creative with how I delivered the gift! So it is just sitting in the doorway at the moment. I get here way before everyone else so I have to pretend I didn't see it. I also had to type a card because she knows my hand writing.

So today I got her a lovely snowman ceramic candle holder with a nasty cinnamon candle inside. Hopefully she likes the holder at least. I did that is why I got it for her. I also put in there two ornaments. I am starting small today because I have awesome gifts for her for the rest of the week. She put on her sheet that she wanted cheese steaks, salt and beer. Well...tomorrow she is getting 5 different kinds of chips, the next day she is getting a 6 pack of Stewarts Root beer with a huge beer mug, and the last day she is getting a gift card to her favorite sub shop!

I am also putting little hints in every card. Today I put "I get here before you do!" HA she is a paraprofessional and doesn't have to be here until 8am so that only tells her it is a teacher!!

Now I need to think of a hint for tomorrow! Any ideas??? Hair color height gender? Or is it too soon for that?


fancy nancy said...

We just did secret Santa last week at work. One of my clues for her was "I hope the holiday doesn't have you "running" around like crazy" because she knows I run a lot! I also wrote Feliz Navidad on one because I speak Spanish. So fun!

Jamie said...

when we did the secret santa at work last week i put that my first job was a swim instructor! threw her way off! lol