Monday, December 12, 2011

Frostbite Penguin Walk Race recap

On Sunday we did a race I ALWAYS LOVE to run. It is the Frostbite 5mile. It is an awesome out and back where the out is a long gradual uphill. Last year I killed it in the lovely cold rain. I got second women overall last year (but the cold rain scared all the fast runners away!).

This year there was a huge turn out and lots of speedy women. Robyn, Manda, Dud, Mister and I all came out to enjoy the wonderful 28 degree sunny day. The race started at 1pm at the Fire Hall. Manda, Robyn and Dud all did the 5mile run. Mister and I did the 5k walk since I am not cleared to do ANYTHING yet! I was getting really really upset as I saw more ladies that I wanted to race against and see where I was compared to them. I held back tears at one point so no one saw (but they know now). I told Mister we were going to win the walk!!! (my racewalk days were coming back though I said I was not going to get into form because I knew the course and it was tricky to do form on some of the hills up and down).

I also wanted to stick with Mister and enjoy the race but as soon as the person yell GO...I just couldn't hold back. At the beginning I stuck to a normal walk but there were 3 ladies ahead of me...and I am saying right at the start line and that bothered me! So I got moving to pass them. Ok so this lady...she made me mad...I caught up to her and what does she do...crosses the whole road and gets directly in front of me! HOW RUDE! So I go all the way across the road to pass her...she then follows me and gets right on my shoulder! ARE YOU SERIOUS! A crazy walker lady! I just wanted to be first women walker not crazy women walker! Well she pissed me off so I pulled out the old racewalking form and blew passed her. I kept form except on for the crazy gravel downhill for the whole rest of the 5k. I left Mister behind (sorry Mister but she made me so mad). I ended up getting first women overall and my time was 34:57 (awesome 10:57 pace!)

For the 3 race series Manda got third!! Robyn got third in her age group today too and Mister placed in his age group for the walk! Dud is in the crazy 60 age group and it is impossible to place in that! Though I listened to the 30-39 age group and I don't know if I will ever place in that next year!!

QOTD: Have you ever had someone cut you off in a race? Do you see crazy people going all out in the walk at your races?? (yea that would be me!!)

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