Monday, December 5, 2011

A 5yr old girls Bday pink and princessy can you get?? Well we tried and had elements I am sure sweet sixteen parties have been bigger.

My niece had her bday on Saturday (actual birthday is Friday!!) and I drove up to NY late Sat. morning for it.  Note to you all: I was up at 5am to hunt for a few 9am I walked back inside frozen to sleep a little more. By 11am I was on the road to NY. Around 1:15 I was getting frantic phone calls to run errands for the party. I got to the party 10mins prior to the start. I was BEAT! It was great and the kids were all so cute (well minus the one who stuck her hand all over the cake before my sister got pictures...thankfully blogger that I am I have one!).

I can not believe how fast Evie has grown up!

 Make your own crown table.
 Cake my sisters made
 The BEST cookies ever that we order for every party!!!! There were dresses, high heels, crowns, and castles

 My cousin Griffin making is prince crown! LOTS of glitter....I could not stay too close to the glitter!

 Henry enjoys princess stamps too!

The next day we went to JCP to get family pictures done. Two hours later and 2 session (had to retake some) we hit up lunch. This is Henry's GRILLLL CHEEEEESE face!
 Evie and my sister and I hit up Claire's and had a blast trying on all types of hats and head bands. I even have her hooked on Active bands. She now owns 4 of her own!
I made it home...barely. I had a severe migraine all day and tried everything to get it to subside so I could drive. I forgot sunglasses so I made a stop at a dollar general to get some. I had chocolate, Excedrin, soda....nothing worked.

I made it home made dinner (with a few tears) then turned off the lights and crashed on the couch.

PHEW.....crazy weekend but it was so nice to spend that time with the kids since I missed Henry' bday bc of the seizure.

QOTD: Kids bday parties......go big or stay small? DO you go all out?


Jen said...

I'm loving the cute princess party. Super cute!!!

Lisa said...

How cute! My daughters all about princess's too! I love the look of those cookies!

Julia said...

omg!!! what an epic birthday party! i am super jealous :) looks like she had a blast!

Jen said...

What a fun party! I love those cookies!

Jamie said...

very cute! huge difference from my boy's 5 yr old party... LOL.