Friday, November 4, 2011

Time for myself

This week has been CRAZY and it is not going to slow down at work until..well January. It is one assembly after report cards after projects after conferences for the next two months. Last night I had a terrible migraine and I have been able to fall asleep around 7pm almost every night this week. I also have not been able to eat much because I am so tired. So plan for this weekend....another hunter free to take some time to do some things for myself.

1. Get my hair done and enjoy some walking around the mall. Hopefully just window shop unless I find Christmas gifts.

2. Look for a new laptop. I have found a few online that I would like to look at. I will probably end up having to do site to store with the laptop.

3. Get some type of exercise in...I will be spectating the race on Sunday so I might bring my bike so I can bike around the course and cheer everyone on.

4. Rest up so I am ready for another long week. Some time spent with my book that I have been reading for over a month. A few naps maybe needed Saturday and Sunday!

QOTD: What do you do when you need some time for your self?

Go check out fitness friday!!!


jillconyers said...

I run or workout but I do that whether I need time for myself or not. Does that count? Actually time for myself is everyday early early morning with minimal risk of interruption. Coffee, computer, scrapbook, read, workout...whatever I want. The time is mine :)

Have a great weekend!

Julia said...

enjoy your weekend all about YOU! love it! i am trying a little bit of the same this weekend. mostly enjoying time with my pup. cooking. baking. watching movies :)

Amy said...

I love to read - totally silly "bubblegum" novels - it's a totally decadent thing for me to do!

My SoCal Life said...

i shop LOL..what a bad way to get time to myself!!! but i also love to walk my two dogs on a good long walk!