Sunday, November 13, 2011

First of 2 GOTR recaps

Once again I stink at taking pictures so all I have are words to get me through it.

Anywho prior to working at the fall festival I joined Manda, Hey Hey, Robyn and cutie Ella for the Friday fun run. What did I do you ask? I jumped on Manda's bike and edal a few feet ahead of them so I didn't clip anyones ankles. It was good to get some air and spend time with the girls.

I then headed to the Fall Festival for the cake walk. Which according to most of the comments you all left it is well known but I am also not the only one out there who hadn't heard of it before. We had a lot of cakes but kids were always at our spot so we kept playing quickly. Which meant by 6pm (in an hour) we ran out of cakes. Woohoo to getting out of there an hour early!!

Saturday morning I was up and out of the house early for another race!! Yea I just can't stay away even when I can't run them. This one was an hour away and for a Girls on the Run group. I took Manda and Robyn with me. I was trying to see how they put together their 5k so when I get mine around in spring I have some things that worked for others and things that needed tweeked.

I was so glad to see that one of my GOTR girlies came to run the race too!! I hopped into my roller blades and got on the WAY back of the start line. I promised the race coordinator that at the start I would stay out of all the runners and slowly catch up to my girl. Manda was great and stay with my GOTR girl until I caught up and then took off to run her own race. Sara is my GOTR and she did amazing!!! She took her first walk break around mile 1. It was just a slow gradual hill for that first mile and she couldn't tell but I could being on the roller blades. We turned a corner and she was ready to run again when we were faced by a nasty hill. I quietly worked my GLUTES up the hill and so did Sara. I kept motivating her and getting her to talk to me so she wasn't holding her breath at all. You know she is only in 3rd grade!! We ran about halfway up the hill when I told her that we most likely will have a nice down hill after this so it was ok to walk on the uphill. She gladly took that up. So we did a post to post run. She would pick a spot to run to and then walk for about 30secs. Then she would start up again. We was doing about 3mins run 30sec walk. The hills kept getting harder and harder but she didn't once get negative. I kept pointing out to her that we were surronded by 75 other girls out here for the first time too and that they were all in the same boat just trying to get to that finish line.

On that last hill about 2.7miles in I told her to make her laugh...
ME "Sara you know what is killing me right now? "
Sara "uh no" barely got that answers as the hill was HARD
ME" MY BUTT GIRL!! Roller blading is no joke!!

Before she knew it we were .1 from the finish and Manda and Robyn came back to get us. I jumped off the course at that point. I had to take my roller blades off since the finish was on a college track. Manda and Robyn were AWESOME and took her to the finish. I um.....hobbled across the wet track in socks to see her cross the line. 35:20 something (I forgot to stop my watch) was her final time!!! She was awesome awesome awesome.

Robyn placed 1st in her age group and Manda got 2nd! Great day so far!

Robyn Manda and I then spent the rest of the day shopping.....more to come on that later :)


XLMIC said...

GOTR is such a super cool organization! Sounds like the inline skating wend great :)

MCM Mama said...

I love GOTR. I'm volunteering with race organization for our local GOTR race. With around 7000 girls/buddy runners, it's a huge event and takes a lot of volunteers!