Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday long weekend is over

Well it has been a great long weekend and it came to an end with my first Holiday Shred workout. I LOVED it. I only had to adjust the hops to something lower impact on my leg. ONLY 2 MORE WEEKS UNTIL MY CHECK UP!!

Today was opening day for the hunting season in PA. Did you know that schools get that day off?? Yup there aren't enough subs in the state to cover all the teachers (and kids) that are absent this day! I happily went out to try to bring home a buck. It was a lovely 50+ degrees out, which is rare, and sat is our double seat tree stand.

Bri already got his buck during archery so he couldn't bring his gun out. So he was happy with his iPhone all day. ( he is camera shy too) Well the outcome....a 6pt snuck his way around us in that really thick stuff in the back of the pic. All we saw was his antlers, we also saw 2 spikes (not legal) one of which was mostly white on its back REALLY COOL! Our crazy neighbor who hates hunters walked the property line twice today and kicked down a doe as well. But we can't shoot doe until next weekend. SO long story short I came home empty handed. No big surprise I have yet to get anything in 4 years!

So to wrap it all up here is the youngest hunter in the family!

*she only wears this outfit inside while we are all was good luck because her daddy got an 8pt!!!


Julia said...

i cant believe schools get out for the first day of hunting!! that is crazy. haha. my grandfather would have loved that in KY! he was a big hunter :)

Jamie said...

my family's from wisconsin... and its the same way out there! my uncle got an 8 pt already too!