Monday, November 7, 2011

Don't be STUPID!

Yup that will be my permanent moto for the next 6 weeks. Yup results are in....I have a mild stress fracture and tendinitis. The stress fracture is the part that shocked us all because of where it is. I do not have pain there. The pain is in the ankle where the tendon issues are.

(I am not in a boot which I am happy about but the Dr. said I easily could be though if I mess with it anymore. He said I was very close to a major fracture.) I did not jog a few times yesterday while spectating the race...I mean YES I DID and I WON't do it again!

I believe that as I was ignoring the pain in the shin all summer long that I started to change my gait causing the tendon issues in my ankle. Lesson learned...listen to your body AS SOON AS it starts to hurt.

So...Bri searched craigslist for a cheap stationary bike for me to use. He found one for $50 I will probably call about it soon. I will need it once the weather gets BAD. For now I will be using my bike on the path. I might (and this is a big might) go to the YMCA and use the pool. I would probably take a quick turn towards an elliptical before I choose to do that though.

So here is how it is.....I was stupid big time. I was so focused on my distances and getting all my runs in that I just tried to solve the problem with calf sleeves. It helped it feel better for a little bit. I got through the marathon with no pain issues. But the half marathon was another story that was a short 5 days later. So now this is what I have blaming it on anything else but myself.

Got any other no pounding workouts for me?? I also cannot do Zumba which I am also bummed about. the new text on my pictures....yes I finally updated to a new fancy laptop. Mine was 7 years old and did not have paint! So I am slowly catching up with all of you! Give me awhile to figure out all these things on this laptop! Next up is still the iPhone 4s...just don't want to order it online.


Jamie said...

oh man! hopefully you'll feel some relief soon! How about working our core... that's a great workout and you don't have to move your legs much! :)

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Ugh! I hope you heal up soon, but take it easy while you are healing up!

Julia said...

ohhhh friend! so sorry to hear this! i so hope you heal quickly! sending you tons of positive healing thoughts! when i was injured and couldnt run i did lots of strength training! thinking of you!

congrats on the new computer :)

Anonymous said...

just found your blog, and i'm new to the running blogging world. always nice to find other moms who run! ironically, i was just dealing with this same injury after my first marathon this spring... i did lots of spinning, swimming and weights (bodypump and other classes) and feel like i maintained fitness pretty well. i just started back to running a few weeks ago, and so far, so good! it's reeeeeally hard not to push myself, and i'm trying to remember i can't jump back to where i was right away. i'd be happy to talk more about this, i know what it's like! -Laura