Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Go check me out

Hey all it is November which means Epilepsy Awarness Month. I am a guest blogger over on Jamie's Website. Go read my story about my life with seizures.


Ankle update....told something is wrong but we need to do more test. So I have a bone scan on Thursday to see if it is a stress fracture. But told NO running. So I did NTC last night to give my abs some work.

QOTD: What apps do you use for excersise??


Anonymous said...

Hello Sarah! I read your post over on Jamie's Blog and have to say you are very inspiring! My daughter also lives with Epilepsy, she's 9! Please feel free to link your story up over on my blog! I look forward to spreading awareness with you! x

Jamie said...

no running! ack! :( don't like that... but take care of yourself sista!