Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Race recap from the photographer

Yup...think I found my new role for the next month or so. I did my first race spectating this  past weekend. It is a race that I love running though it is not always a well organized race. But we always run this park and it is a beautiful run.

Manda, Dud and Mister ran the race this year. I tried to get as many pics as I could and may have broken the no running rule twice to get some shots of them all. But they were running so fast they got to certain spots before I could WALK there.

They all did awesome and as you can see it was a small race and everyone was spread out. Manda kicked butt and was the 5th female to finish. She also got first in her age group!!

QOTD: Is it still bright colors where you are? We thankfully still have beautiful colors on the trees even after the snow we had.


Jen said...

I completely love being a race photographer when I am not running! Great pics.

Here in Maine = no color. Dreary, dark, ugh!

Julia said...

love the pictures! it does look so gorgeous. we had about 1 day of fall and now apparently it is winter...boo.