Friday, July 20, 2012


I have been laying low lately. I have been working in my classroom a few times this week and also getting in some runs for my half training. Saturday we hit the trails for a 5 mile trail race. I ran it in 45:29 mins a 8:30 pace. It was about 5.3 miles and and up hill finish (love those). I place 4th female 2nd in my AG. Heather, Amanda and Dud also ran and stuck together. I for some reason always say I am staying with them but never do :(.

Showing off all of our skirts!

We also hit up the local fair where the little one decided she needed two pairs of sun glasses!

This weekend I have a bachelorette party/wine tour on the NY finger lakes. The following day I am doing a 4.5mile race. Another busy weekend!

Anyone else racing?? Been on a wine tour??

Thursday, July 12, 2012


This is from last week but for some reason it never posted

Thursday I headed up to Rochester. Brian headed to Vegas to have a blast with the boys. His best friend wanted his bachelor party out there and Brian made it happen:) I first did some couch shopping, then went to library time to see Paul merklein, then ice cream time. Well my sisters and I got ice cream the kids were asleep in the car with AC!!

After that we headed to a pool I used to work at. So weird being back there after 8 years. then it was time to celebrate my sisters bday that was the fourth but they waited until I was in town.

To end the night the kids had a sleepover with me at my parents house. My niece decided to sleep on one couch and I was on the other. She fell on the floor twice but I had the floor covered with pillows. She didn't even wake up!!

Three things Thursday

1. On the way home the other day I was following an airplane down the road. It was in pieces on a trailer though. What is the craziest thing you have seen going down the street??

2. My cats have taken residence under the couch cover recently. One cat under my feet the other under Brian's. If we move we get attacked.

3. I went for a nice slow paced 6 mile run the other day. Come to find out there are still roads severely damaged from the flood we had in September.

Have any of your running routes ever been damaged in storms?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Time to myself

I took a week off from running and just relaxed. I went to work on Tuesday but other than that I sat and read 2 books. I needed that and my swollen arch needed it. I got up this morning and went for a 3 mile run. I felt slow my legs felt like they have been locked up for days. But my brain felt great!! No regrets for taking the week off.