Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It happened again...

This weekend was overall very productive. Bri and I worked hard re-staining our house. It is a log home so the logs on the exterior need done every few years. It is a long process but we made a big dent this weekend. I also attempted to run a race with my leg still sore from my water skiing split. It was a very slow race for me. I have never seen a 9:XX mile pace in a 5k race...not even 10k or 15k. I found really quick that downhills are not pretty and I have to pull back even more. The pain traveled from the back of my knee all the way up to my Thutt (thigh/butt). At the finish line I made a very tough decision...I am not going to try to race the half marathon on Sept. 23rd. I know I still have time but a 5k hurt I can't imagine 13.1 miles of hills. I know my leg would be worse afterwards even if I got through it.

I know I will have great friends just like Jess while I take yet another injury break from running.


Jamie Campbell said...

Girl, I feel your pain. I was just saying, how am I going to run 26 if I can't even do 3? Is the pain in your hamstring, or your IT Band?

xo, hope you feel better!

Jessica Keenan Smith said...

Thanks so much for adding the epilepsy awareness button!!
Jessica Keenan Smith