Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bday round 2

This weekend I was headed home for my nephews 4th bday.

Little did I know there was a big surprise waiting for me at the party. Bri and his family made the drive up to celebrate my bday as well. It was a surprise party and I loved it!! So we celebrated my nephew turning 4, my BIL turning 40 and myself turning 30. It was a great day with great people!!

In other news I had my first DNS this weekend. I did not go to my goal half marathon today. I have not run further than 3 miles in one run since I hurt my groin water skiing. So it was a hard decision to not go to my favorite race. But a nice surprise party helped me get through the weekend instead :).

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Courtney Fos said...

oh those are really cute looking cookies and boo on the DNS, injuries are not fun but I think it was a good decision to not do it!