Saturday, September 15, 2012

Best start to my bday weekend

Today I requested to do anything but cut wood and stain our log home. My request was granted with the help of Manda, Heather and Momma. At 5am Manda and I headed to the Hot Air Balloon Festival! It started later than expected but ended up being awesome!

Afterwards we joined up with Heather at the Beagle Club as the puppies chased bunnies. I never did see a bunny but they were going nuts at some points. (Sorry I was too busy drinking hot cocoa at this point that no pictures were taken) 10:30 am we met up with Momma to hit the mall! We did not return until 4:30pm! We shopped until we dropped but my day did not end there! Manda and I then returned to the balloon festival to see some other attractions. There was an airshow at dusk, an all womens sky diving team show and also glow where the balloons all lit up once it was dark out. 

Overall....I LOVED my day out. Plus when I got home we had a huge pile of firewood and I am not sore from it LOL :)  Thank ladies best day ever!

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