Thursday, June 28, 2012

TTT catch up

1. I have been back from my cruise for awhile now but have had to take some time for family. We lost an amazing women that was with us while we were on the cruise and I was so blessed to have met her even if it was just for those few days on the cruise ship. She will be greatly missed by family and friends.  source (press to read an amazing write up by her family)

2. I have now run 2 races under 23mins. The last race this past weekend was 3.2 so I didn't make it under 23mins. But I ran that race in a whole other state of mind. I prayed for my family and friends the whole way.

3. I have broken the RW streak yesterday. Last week I coached girls on the run and ran with them everyday. I also ran a race on Saturday and a tough all hills run on Sunday. I woke up Monday with a VERY sore arch. I have not ran or walked any miles on it. I want to play it safe and let it calm down.

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(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Sub 23 is amazing. Way to go. Take me with you.