Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stride for Research 5k

Hi everyone hope you had a great Saturday! Mine started off great with a local 5k run with Manda.

 It ended up being short so I can't count this as a PR but I defiantly felt like I was running real hard. I also chicked a guy at the finishline!! To bad it was .07 short according to Mandas garmin (mine never made it to 3 miles).

Race results
22:32 (not full 5k)
19th place overall
6th women
2nd in 20-29 AG

I spent this evening doing last minute shopping for the cruise with Heather. We leave Wednesday and board Thursday!!

Been on a cruise have any packing tips??


Jen said...

Great job! Too bad it was short 0.7 of a mile. :( I hate that.

Enjoy the cruise. I've never been on one but would love to someday!

Jamie Campbell said...

Congrats! hey, that's still a great time.. even though its .7 off.

Have fun on the cruise! I've been on 2... so much fun!

Pack lightweight stuff, :)