Sunday, March 17, 2013

SBBC and Wellness challenge week 2

Last week I ended with 51 points for the SBBC challenge and my goal was to beat that this week. Last week I averaged an hour to hour and half each day. This week I got 2hours in almost everyday of some sort of exercise. I even pulled out my bike on Sunday and have had it with me all week. I would have to say that both these challenges have my competitiveness going crazy. At work there are rumors people are cheating (people out all week with the stomach flu but still racking up 2hours of exercise a day!!) I don't think you can actually count puking though it does hurt your abs.Anyways.....

Here is how my week 2 went:

Monday: hill workout 3.1 29:10, and 30mins yoga, 1hour zumba plus 7 servings of freggies

Tuesday: 9.73 bike ride 43:44, 30min Bob Harper DVD, 1 hour yoga plus 7 freggies servings

Wednesday: 5 mile pre work run 50mins, 60mins yoga plus 7 freggies servings

Thursday: 1 hour zumba, 1 hour yoga plus 7 freggies servings

Friday: 30 min Family fun run, abs with manda, 30mins yoga

Saturday: 5k race 24:50, hike in the snow around the house 15mins

Sunday: 3.5 mile run 32mins, abs 10mins plus 30 strength, yoga 1hour

Now my freggies ready for the week. I am trying out Kale for the first time and it smells...does it usually smell??


jillconyers said...

Awesome week 2!

Amanda RunToTheFinish said...

yeahh for freggies!! great job on week two with the variety of workouts!