Wednesday, April 17, 2013

SBBC recap and Boston

I have had trouble posting my SBBC challenge post this week but it seems so minute to what is going on in the world right now. Someone- either from among us or from another country attacked us.  But either way someone attacked the running community and it hurts. But we are strong and we will stand together and get through this together. I was so relieved Monday afternoon when I heard that everyone I knew was safe. I checked on all my blogger friends and also BIL brother and family who were there running. I sat in a parent meeting with phone in hand watching text after text come in checking on me and my reaction but all I wanted was that one text that they were alright. Finally that text came in and I loudly let out a huge sigh. I stopped the meeting just to fill everyone in. No one knew that the attacks had happened. We finished the meeting and I drove straight home skipping my run for the day. I sat and watched a few hours of news until I couldn't watch anymore. I did not sleep much that night just confused on the WHY?? Yesterday I ran 4.09 miles in memory of the bombs going off at the 4:09 hour mark. My fastest marathon is 4:12....I could have been approaching the finishline then. It is scary and it is one of the things on my mind has I pushed through my run yesterday. #prayforboston

Monday: 30min yoga, 1hour zumba, Arms, abs. 64 oz water, 7 freggies
Tuesday: walk, 64 oz water, 7 freggies
Wednesday: Abs, Arms, Legs, 30min yoga, 3.1mile run 64 oz water, 7 freggies
Thursday: 60min yoga, walk, 64 oz water, 7 freggies
Friday: 3mile run 64 oz water, 7 freggies
Saturday: 5k race, eliptical, running around with Ella on the track!
Sunday: Walk, Zumbathon  64 oz water

Monday, April 8, 2013

#SBBC challenge

Thank goodness for spring break I was able to get in 2 more classes at the YMCA. I LOVED the class Piloxing. It was so demanding and switched up every song, kept you on your toes!! Then also this week I did some outdoor work to get in my workouts! Our driveway is .21 of a mile long and we raked all the stones back on the driveway after plowing all winter. What an arm/ab workout!!

We even got all the guys out to join us on the hill walk workout!
Here is my round-up-

Monday: Abs 18mins, Yoga 60mins, water 64 oz, Freggies
Tuesday: Elliptical 20mins, bike 13mins, Piloxing 60mins, Zumba toning 60mins, walk 42mins, water 64 oz, freggies
Wednesday: run 26mins 3.3miles, Arms 16mins, Abs 17mins, Yoga 60mins, water 64 oz, freggies
Thursday:Walk 30mins, Raking 1.5 hours, 60 yoga, water 64 oz, freggies

Friday: 5mile run, WOW, freggies, 64 oz water
Saturday: 30min walk around hunting cabin, 42 min walk on hill, water 64 oz
Sunday: 33min run 4miles, 42min walk 2miles, Abs 18mins, 30min yoga, water 64 oz

Have a great week and get out and try something new!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

#Sbbc #besfoot week 4

This week I kept up with my yoga for the most part and really tried to get 2 hours a day as well. With spring break starting on Thursday I was really eager to get some different workouts in with all my extra time. Thursday we were a little more lazy than I wanted to be. We had company that I wasn't ready for so I rushed around and broke a sweat vacuuming and dusting and getting laundry around. Then we hung out on the couch visiting and watching The Hobbit. Once they left I finally got Bri off the couch to walk outside.

Friday Heather and I started early with our workouts and I just kept moving all day. We got in the Muscle Mania class (that kicked my butt) then went right in to Armit Yoga that was so relaxing, though my mind was everywhere for the whole 1.5hours. I got home and Bri was ready to stack our firewood. So I quickly ate and got out there for 2.5hours. We started by walking it up the hill but eventually did use the wagon. But I was dying the whole time since my arms were still tired from the Muscle Mania class. Then at 3:30 I met up the Family for the Friday Fun Run! It was a hard run bc we were running into the wind for the last mile.

Saturday we did a lot of errands and walking then headed out to the parents to do a egg hunt with Ella. So other than all the walking and running around finding eggs I didn't get in a workout. Though I did get a good sweat at ATT when they tried to pay me to leave Verizon!! Crazy I tell ya, I told them I plan on leaving Verizon but once my contract is up in a month.

Sunday was a very fun day! We started our Easter off by finishing the wood stacking job :) We then headed out to the parents house for Easter lunch. Before we ate we did a little 3mile run so our bellies were ready to eat!! I would have loved the run but it was very cold and raining. I got inside and got out of my close ASAP!

So here is a full recap of the week:

Monday: Bob Harper DVDs for 45mins, Arms 14mins, Yoga 60 + Freggies and 64 oz
Tuesday: 5mile run 46mins, arms 14mins, abs 18mins, yoga 30mins + freggies and 64 oz

Wednesday: 2mile walk 45mins, yoga strength 30mins, arms 14mins +freggies and 64 oz
Thursday: 2 mile walk, 60min yoga strength, + freggies
Friday: Muscle Main class, Armit Yoga, Stacking wood, 2.5mile run
Saturday: Freggies and wish I could count all my errands!!
Sunday: 3mile run + freggies

Bought a new Jillian Micheals DVD today...I am ready to Kickbox!!!