Monday, April 8, 2013

#SBBC challenge

Thank goodness for spring break I was able to get in 2 more classes at the YMCA. I LOVED the class Piloxing. It was so demanding and switched up every song, kept you on your toes!! Then also this week I did some outdoor work to get in my workouts! Our driveway is .21 of a mile long and we raked all the stones back on the driveway after plowing all winter. What an arm/ab workout!!

We even got all the guys out to join us on the hill walk workout!
Here is my round-up-

Monday: Abs 18mins, Yoga 60mins, water 64 oz, Freggies
Tuesday: Elliptical 20mins, bike 13mins, Piloxing 60mins, Zumba toning 60mins, walk 42mins, water 64 oz, freggies
Wednesday: run 26mins 3.3miles, Arms 16mins, Abs 17mins, Yoga 60mins, water 64 oz, freggies
Thursday:Walk 30mins, Raking 1.5 hours, 60 yoga, water 64 oz, freggies

Friday: 5mile run, WOW, freggies, 64 oz water
Saturday: 30min walk around hunting cabin, 42 min walk on hill, water 64 oz
Sunday: 33min run 4miles, 42min walk 2miles, Abs 18mins, 30min yoga, water 64 oz

Have a great week and get out and try something new!!

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